The Africa And Middle East Depositories Association

AMEDA was established in April 27 2005, its first meeting was held in New York prior to the CSD8 conference. AMEDA is a non-profit organization comprised of Central Securities Depositories and Clearing Houses in AFRICA & The MIDDLE EAST . AMEDA's main purpose is to be a forum for the exchange of information and experiences among its members in a spirit of mutual cooperation and to promote best practice recommendations in services such as securities depository, clearance, settlement, and risk management. AMEDA's goal is also to support local markets in their efforts to adopt securities market regulations, while considering their specific circumstances and to serve as a dialogue channel with other organizations worldwide


The Africa & Middle East Depositories Association is formed for the benefit of its Member community, as an elective, inter-professional and regional facility to foster a spirit of cooperation, reciprocity and harmony among members, to achieve those objectives it determines from time to time.

Board Of Directors

Mr. Abdulla Jaffar Abdin (President, Bahrain)


Mr. Haruna Jalo-Waziri (Vice President, Nigeria)



The Africa & Middle East Depositories Association is an entity separate from its Members, and does not have the authority, capacity or mandate to bind or act in the name, on behalf, or as agent of any Member. A Member cannot be held liable to a third party for an obligation or a willful or negligent action of the Association.

Fees and Expenses

Full members pay $2500 as joining fees paid once the application is approved for joining the Association and $2000 on an annual basis paid in January while Associate members pay $2000 as joining fees paid once and $1500 as annual fees.
  • a. The Full Members and Associate Members must pay the applicable membership, annual fees and such other fees and charges set by the General Assembly within sixty (60) days of receiving an invoice.
  • b. The General Assembly may accept reduced membership fees, within the agreed parameters.
  • c. The Members and invitees are responsible for their own expenses relating to travelling, accommodation and incidental expenses while attending the meetings and/or events of the Association.