General Provisions

Article 16– Calculation of days

All time periods indicated in these Bylaws shall mean successive days or calendar days, which shall include non-business days.

Article 17– Official Languages

The official language of communication in the Association shall be English, however, translations to Arabic and French may be provided where appropriate.

Article 18– Method of Communication and Notices

18.1 Any notices, reports and other information required to be sent to the Members in terms of these Bylaws may be sent via:
  • a. An ordinary mail, to the Member’s chosen postal or mailing address; or
  • b. Electronic media, to the Member’s chosen e-mail address, telefax or other media of electronic communication.

18.2 Any notice or communication in terms of these Bylaws, sent or addressed to a Member’s nominated representative in clause 6.1(g) above, shall be deemed to have been duly sent to and received by such Member.

Article 19– Amendments to the Bylaws

These Bylaws may be amended from time to time, subject to approval by the General Assembly.