AMEDA successfully managed World Forum Conference of CSDs (WFC 2019)

AMEDA successfully managed to host its second worldwide CSD conference the WFC2019 in beautiful city of Marrakech during April 8 to 12, 2019 with a remarkable and strong presence of delegates over the past few years where total participants were 315 delegates from 60 nations worldwide.

AMEDA hosted its first CSD conference,CSD11, in Cape Town, South Africa back in year 2011,

The agenda topics were very precise to cover "The Changing Nature of the Financial Markets" and to cover these related topics; the elite were invited where number of speakers was 51

And for the first time, the AMEDA president Mr. Mohamed Abdel Salam urged all WFC members to seriously consider the establishment of a Federation that stands for all CSDs and formally addresses all other financial associations on behalf of all CSDs of the five Associations.

AMEDA intend to host its second meeting where it will be both meeting and training next December in Oman. Training topics are already selected by members and the Omani organizers are working on finalizing speakers.